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Loading and Unloading Mover in Providence, RI


When you hire 2 Young Studs Moving® as your Mover in Providence, RI, you are hiring strong, professional, trustworthy movers. Our specialty is loading and unloading your moving truck and/or storage unit. Our experienced Providence, RI movers show up on time to load and unload your moving truck and work hard until the job is done. When you need a Moving Company in Providence, RI, look no further than 2 Young Studs Moving® LLC!


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Labor Rates: Loading/Unloading

1-Stud Crew: $45/hr + $20 Flat Travel Fee

2-Stud Crew: $80/hr + $40 Flat Travel Fee

3-Stud Crew: $115/hr + $60 Flat Travel Fee


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Add A Truck

2 Young Studs Moving® is licensed and insured for local and interstate moves. Our trucks are owned and operated by 2 Young Studs Moving®, meaning we do not rent trucks to complete your move. For local moves we charge an hourly truck rate in addition to the labor rates listed above. For interstate moves we charge a flat rate, and the hourly rates above do not apply.

DOT # 2964838

Interstate Moves


2 Young Studs Moving® also specializes in flat-rate moves for customers who are moving out of state. All of our flat-rate quotes are binding which means with 2 Young Studs Moving®, there are never any hidden fees or unexpected charges. We always make sure we only book one interstate customer at a time so we can complete your entire move in one day without being rushed. This service is designed strictly for one or two bedroom apartments, we do not move houses on an interstate basis. Not all interstate moves are eligible for this service. Please contact Chris at the number above to check our availability and to discuss the specific details of your move. All serious inquiries will be followed up with an in-home estimate where Chris can assess the goods that the customer is looking to move. Chris will offer a written estimate at the time of the survey. Estimates and surveys are free of charge, however because we only book one customer at a time, a small "good faith" deposit of $180 is requested for interstate moves. Good faith deposits for interstate moves are non-refundable. Please note we do not move pianos.

Providence <----------------> NYC:  $1,400 Flat Fee**

Providence <------------> Boston:  $800 Flat Fee**

Providence <------> New Haven:   $1,000 Flat Fee**

Providence <----> Philadelphia :  $2,100 Flat Fee**

**Assumes all boxes are packed by the customer. All rates above are sample rates, please call for an accurate quote.

COWs - Containers On Wheels® Storage In Providence, RI


Did you know that renting a portable storage unit can drastically reduce the time and money typically spent on loading or unloading a conventional truck or storage bin? We deliver both 8' and 16' storage containers directly to your location. Need moving boxes, dollies, or blankets? Not a problem, Cows has you covered! We also offer the best insurance protection available in the industry.

Give us a call now at 855-278-8376 to have your COWs Portable Storage Container delivered to your driveway.

Travel Radius

We have movers available for all areas of Rhode Island. We have movers in Providence, Warwick, and Newport and as well as other cities in Rhode Island. When you need a mover in Providence or in any city in RI, and you want to work with a company that has your interests in mind, let 2 Young Studs Moving® show you why we have thousands of satisfied clients.

Moving Policies

At 2 Young Studs Moving® LLC, we will reimburse our customers up to .60/lb for dropped or damaged items regardless of the intrinsic value of a specific item. This applies to items dropped by the movers, and/or damaged in transit. Particle board is excluded. Cargo insurance is available for items in transit up to $50,000 per shipment at no additional charge for full service moves but may be less depending on the actual weight of the load. Please note, Cargo insurance does not apply to damage that occurs to items on rental trucks. We will, in no way, be responsible for any property that becomes scratched, marred, or otherwise damaged once it is placed on your rental truck. The customer assumes all liability for the rental truck and the contents therein 2 Young Studs Moving® LLC also carries General Liability Insurance but you are encouraged to contact your Homeowner's Insurance representative if you seek broader coverages. Additional insurance and full replacement value can also be purchased at www.movinginsurance.com, an independent broker that acts separately from 2 Young Studs Moving. The company does not receive any compensation from the broker from any transaction. If the customer wishes to take out a policy it must be done at least two days prior to the move.

Please allow a 2 hour window of arrival from your scheduled move time for your movers to arrive. In the event we are running late we will do our best to keep you informed. If you have questions about our policies please call us for more information.

Arrival Policy

At 2 Young Studs Moving we value your time and respect your schedule. We always do our best to arrive on time for a designated moving time slot or reservation. Given the complexity of moving and the logistics involved it is not unlikely for us or any other moving company in Rhode Island to run late at different points during a week. On moderately busy days it is very likely that the movers will arrive either on-time or within a 2-hour window of the scheduled time. Although it is rare, on extremely busy days, the moving crews may be running later than the 2-hour window. While we try our best to honor each reservation in a timely manner, we do not guarantee a specific time of arrival and no refunds or discounts will be offered as a result of a crew running behind schedule. We ask that you please be patient in the event that your moving crew is behind schedule and we will always do our best to keep our customers informed of the crew’s arrival time.